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Luxurious Jojoba OIl Essential Face Skincare Frankincense VE Essential Face OIl

1.Therapeutic grade frankincense face oil: It is a 100% natural and authentic essential oil. Our frankincense face oil is not tested on animals. we care about you
2.Relaxing and pleasant scent: Frankincense Facial Oil has lime lemon, sweet peach, aroma. The unique fragrance of frankincense is intense and pleasant. It is widely used in spirituality, yoga and meditation. The naturally uplifting scent of frankincense is widely used in cosmetics and fragrances because it blends well and creates a feeling of beauty. Add a few drops to your diffuser for a warm, loose vibe.
3.Body Oil - jojoba oil Essential skincare products in addition to giving you a relaxing aroma can work wonders in your body care formulations, especially if you are looking for natural healthy skin. Deeply hydrates your face, feet and body to ensure your overall well-being. Deeply hydrates your face, feet and body. Mix it with a carrier oil for best results.

  • Charming bath
  • 45 day
  • 300,000 pcs per month
  • Information

jojoba oil Essential skincare uses jojoba oil on the skin. "This oil is great for the skin of your face and body," he says. "It's a lighter-feeling oil, but deeply moisturizing and rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are vital to the health of your skin." Here are some skin care benefits of jojoba oil:

1. Moisturizes dry skin.

Jojoba oil is such an effective moisturizer because it acts like our skin's natural oils," by tricking the skin into thinking it's producing enough oil to balance the body's oils. When using on the skin, it is recommended to apply jojoba oil immediately after cleansing to allow it to be fully absorbed.

2. Softens rough cuticles.

Jojoba oil is rich in fatty acids that help soften and soothe rough cuticles. Apply a small drop to each cuticle and massage. If there is any excess oil, massage into the back and palms of your hands to keep them hydrated and smooth.

3. Nourishes and heals dry lips.

Whether infused into a lip balm or used alone, jojoba oil soothes dry, chapped lips thanks to its nourishing vitamins and minerals. It absorbs easily so you don’t have to worry about it leaving a greasy residue on the lips. It is recommended that the oil be applied to dry, chapped lips every night before bed.

4. It can relieve sunburn.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation and accelerates cell regeneration in the body and skin, making jojoba oil a great treatment for sunburns. Rub a quarter-sized amount onto sunburned areas to reduce inflammation and soothe skin.

5. It has antibacterial properties.

This Jojoba OIl reduces acne by controlling oil production and preventing bacterial growth. "Jojoba oil contains a lot of iodine, which fights the growth of bacteria that can cause breakouts, and it is recommended to apply a dime-sized amount to acne-prone areas morning and night as a topical treatment.

6. Improve skin radiance.

The most common cause of dullness is dehydration of the skin. By adding moisture to your skin, jojoba oil helps reduce dullness and boost your radiance. Apply five drops to the face in the morning and evening after cleansing. It absorbs quickly and you don't need to rinse off anything.

Product Name:Luxurious Jojoba OIl Essential Face Skincare Frankincense VE Essential Face OIl

Esseantial oil in paper box

15ml essential oil in glass bottle

sweet orange, herbal world,         

 lime lemon, sweet peach,                    

tea tree, lavender

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