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Moisturizing Jojoba Balm Organic Styling Beard Wax

1.Quick Melt Technology: For All Beard Colors - When the Organic Beard Wax Balm is rubbed between your fingers, it warmly melts and blends to enhance the vibrancy of any hair color. Available for all races - white, black, Hispanic or Asian!
2.GREAT FOR MANY LOOKS - Anyone can instantly create their own unique look after showering, trimming or performing any morning routine. Simply spread beard wax between your hands and apply for a "great" look. Any excess residue on your hands can be used on your hair! It's not greasy and absorbs fast!

  • Charming bath
  • 45 day
  • 300,000 pcs per month
  • Information

A neatly trimmed beard is dizzying. Try it yourself! Groom your beard with Moisturizing Jojoba Balm Organic Styling Beard Wax and enjoy all the attention. The all-natural beard wax is enriched with Shea Butter to give your hair a healthy, nourishing shine while stimulating the follicles for hair growth.

Charming Bath's Favorite Jojoba Beard Wax Benefits:

Moisturizes the beard for a neat look

Gives beard healthy shine and nutrition

Strengthens roots and controls beard shedding

Accelerates hair growth and prevents hair thinning

Prevents beard tangles and moisturizes dull, damaged hair

Best for curly hair and also helps maintain beard style throughout the day

Product Name:Moisturizing Jojoba Balm Organic Styling Beard Wax

Beard Grooming set in paper box

300ml hair & shave gel in bottle

50g beard wax in jar

50g soy wax candle

Service:OEM ODM Private Label Service
Payment Method:Paypal, T/T, Western Union, VISA, etc.
Shippment:By Air/By Sea/By Express

Men's Beard Wax

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